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Your Partner for Office Automation products in the Middle East and Africa.

Measurable Results

Built for high volume, the new SHARP MX-M1100/M950/M850 boast impressive B/W speeds of 100/95/85 ppm, respectively.


The multipurpose machine SHARP AR-5618S can quickly produce up to 999 copies per page, at a continous rate of 20/18.





Providing enhanced colour management, trapping and screening with additional workflow features, the Intec PS PRO RIP has a powerful toolset which enables users to make the very best and most efficient use of their Intec printer. It's the one commercially available native PostScript®, native PDF and high quality native Harlequin RIP for the Graphic Arts market. Best of all, the entire Intec range can be upgraded to include this specially designed software, which provides smoother gradients, sharper images and more control for colour and quality.



Benefits of Intec PS PRO RIP include:


Colour management
PS PRO RIP provides excellent colour control to ensure consistent, accurate and predictable colour reproduction. Users can create ICC profiles using ColorPro™ for use in the RIP or can use pre-configured ICC profile plug-ins that Intec has developed for specific use with the Intec print systems. 
Job costing estimation module - (optional)
The job costing estimation module offers multiple cost structures so that users have the flexibility of applying their own cost parameters to fully understand the true cost of printing to their Intec printers. 
Advanced screening technology
Harlequin Precision Screening™ (HPS) is a colour screening technology that reduces the moirè patterning effect and ensures high quality reproduction on the Intec print systems from a wide range of screen rulings, specialised angles and dot shapes while minimising memory requirements. 
The impose workflow module offers significant time and cost savings over manual
imposition techniques for small print shops where complex imposition is not required. Handling simple two-up and four-up imposition as well as step-and-repeat, cut-and-stack, N-up etc. this is a very powerful yet flexible tool for anyone with imposition requirments

Preview page before printing
Within the preview module you can review jobs before printing, saving time and media wastage. Separations can be viewed individually or together in composite colour for text and image placement.



Standard features of Intec PS PRO RIP include:


• Multiple language support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,
  Russian and Chinese
• Adobe® PostScript® Language Level 3 compatible
• Enhanced colour management system
• Job Costing Estimation Module
• Improved colour accuracy for driving digital presses
• Job coverage percentage indicator
• Native support for PDF 1.7 (native support for PDF 1.0, through to PDF 1.6),
  also PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X- 4
• XPS v.1.0 (XML Paper Specification, the print and document format, available
  with Windows® Vista™)
• Print from Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)
• Fully supports HD photo when embedded in an XPS document, TIFF,
  JPEG and GIF file format
• In-RIP font emulation and composite font support
• High performance, simultaneous RIP and print
• Supports multiple input channels - NT Print, NT Pipe, Spool folder, 
  Socket TCP/IP and Serial port
• Multiple screening options
• Improved multi-threaded rendering for new Duo and Quad Core Technologies
• Now processes both PDF and PostScript® natively
• Ability to install and manage calibration curves within the RIP
• Added support for PDF/X-4p:2008, PDF/X-4:2010, PDF/X-4p:2010, PDF/X-5g,
• Full support for Pantone® Plus library
• Improved support for PDFs using live transparency

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